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About Shuubs

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Hey guys!

Just wanted to share a little more about the brand! I set this up during my 1st year at Nottingham Trent University in 2017 studying Fashion Management.

There were a few factors that strongly motivated me to get this started;

1. I was looking everywhere online for some festival pieces at affordable prices, yet I mostly found boring high street items or amazing clothes that were just out of my price range! So I wanted to provide something in the middle for myself and my friends.

2. I was about to begin my year hunting for an internship and thought hey what better way to show my drive than to put it into action, but unfortunately, I never found one!

3. My mother has made my clothes for as long as I can remember and I finally realised there wasn't any difference between her level of sewing and what I purchased from a shop.

Depop played a huge role in growing brand awareness and I strongly recommend their platform for anybody looking to set up a side hustle. My friends also played a massive role along the way, through modelling, photoshoots and even just being brand ambassadors in the girl's toilets on nights out.

The image below is from our first ever shoot, modelled by Tyreece & photographed by Kama. Such a fun day and I will never forget hand-sewing every single sequin on the bikini Tyreece is modelling.

We still have a long way to go and we are incredibly grateful for all the support along the way!

Maisi x

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