We understand the struggle of sizing, especially when shopping online. We ensure that your item fits perfectly by hand-making it based on the measurements you send.

It is important to consider your height when choosing the length of your product.

If you’re in-between sizes (like myself) or just want a little help, feel free to drop us an email/message on Instagram to discuss what size is best for you! 

1. Measure your waist.

The common UK sizes;

6 - 24"

6/8 - 25" 

8 - 26" 

8/10 - 27" 

10 - 28" 

2. Measure the length you would like, starting from your waist, to the bottom of the skirt. 

3. Please take your height into consideration when choosing your length measurement. 

4. The standard length is 14", however, this can be a little short for some! We recommend adding length for customers above 5'5", increasing to 15" in length. 

4. Skirts ordered at length 13" and below cannot be exchanged, in order to reduce clothing waste as we struggle to sell the products on again.

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